About Us

Born and raised in the Southern California heat, we decided to explore the world of solar energy - how can the every day person access solar energy, without such limitations of owning a house, and deciding to actually make the move to install massive solar rooftop panels? We dove deep into the idea, exploring how everyone can incorporate solar power into their daily lives. And then... Beaming Solar Shop was born: a space for curated products that make using solar energy accessible to everyone, in everyday life, no matter where you are. Whether you're camping, biking, lighting your outdoor space, or simply charging your phone on-the-go. 

There are many reasons to explore solar - Here at Beaming Solar, we’ve found there is something that everyone (including the environment) can benefit from. Every little bit helps in our fight against global climate change. Welcome to Beaming, where life is Empowered by Solar. 

We hope you will join the sunshine movement with us.

James + Anna